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Monthly archive: November 2014

Richmont Professor Writes Children’s Book about Christmas

CHATTANOOGA, TN – (November 14, 2014)

Dr. Erica Skidmore, Assistant Clinical Professor of Counseling at Richmont, along with her husband, Rev. Ben Skidmore, have written a children’s book for Christmas. The book, A Bed for the King, is the familiar story of the Nativity but with a twist. Told from the perspective of the animals present for Jesus’ birth, A Bed for the King is a story about how God uses our willingness to give to others, even if we feel we do not have much, in order to build His Kingdom.

“I believe the Lord gave us the idea for A Bed for the King out of our desire to teach our own children that Christmas is about more than just presents,” said Dr. Skidmore. “Every December, we have the opportunity to celebrate the coming of Christ. We also have a chance to begin the New Year focusing on the gifts of the season – caring for others, compassion, and kindness.”

“The Christmas season is a time when, more than any other season, people are inspired and encouraged to reach out to their neighbor in kindness and giving,” said Reverend Skidmore. “Then somehow, by December 26, the kids are complaining that they’re bored, the checking account is low, and kindness and giving are often after-thoughts. We hope A Bed for the King will be a way for people to have a new experience on December 26 – one in which families can look back at the positive memories of the lasting impact on the Kingdom they have created by engaging with each other and their community.”

The book also includes instructions and activities for families to use in order to put the book into practice. The activities offered were influenced by Dr. Skidmore’s experience as a clinical psychologist and Reverend Skidmore’s experience in ministry and each one encourages acts of kindness and seeks to create family traditions around the real meaning of Christmas.

After reading the book, Dr. Gary Moon, former President of Richmont, and the Executive Director of the Martin Institute and Dallas Willard Center said, “Writing a children’s book is not easy; I know, I have tried. The good ones engage the child and stirs imagination. The really good ones do that while causing a tear or a smile to form in the eye of the adult reader. A Bed for the King is a really good children’s book about the heart of Christmas – and it is superbly illustrated. I know. It made me cry.”

For a peek into the pages of A Bed for the King or to get your copy in time for Christmas visit