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In addition to teaching and being active clinicians, Richmont faculty are productive in research, writing, and professional presentations.  In addition to the faculty, our students give back to the field of Christian counseling by doing research of their own and collaborating with our faculty.  Often these students are enrolled in a thesis track while completing their coursework, however students don’t need to be formally enrolled in a thesis track to conduct research while enrolled at Richmont.

Want to learn more about Richmont’s professional and student research?

Contact Dr. Mary Plisco, Director of Research.

Upcoming Conferences and Presentation Opportunities


Below are some examples of recent projects by Richmont faculty and students that reflect the commitment Richmont has to contributing, not just distributing, knowledge of counseling and the role faith plays in it.

Sutherland, S. (2017, Jan).  Ethical Supervision, Development and Evaluation of Mental Health Clinicians:  Application of a Conceptual Model.

Research and Presentations: January-June, 2016

Campbell, L., Doverspike, W. F., Meck, D., Sauls, M., & Strozier, M. (2016, April 17). Licensing board rule changes and questions and answer session. Workshop presented at Annual Meeting of the Georgia Psychological Association, Augusta, Georgia.

Cochran, C. (2016, March 12). Ethical foundations of clinical supervision. Presented at Christian Association for Psychological Studies International Conference, Pasadena, California.

Daniel, M., & Sisemore, T.A. (2016, June 19). The relationship between psychological flexibility and treatment outcomes. Presented at World Congress of Association of Contextual Behavioral Science. Seattle, WA.

Doverspike, W. F. (2016). Ethical decision making for mental health professionals. Ethics workshop presented at the University of Georgia – Griffin Campus, Griffin, Georgia, April 1, 2016.

Doverspike, W. F. (2016). Ethical decision making for mental health professionals. Ethics workshop presented at presented at Ridgeview Institute, Smyrna, Georgia, March 11, 2016.

Doverspike, W. F. (2016). DSM-5 and ICD-10 for mental health professionals. Workshop presented at Ridgeview Institute, Smyrna, Georgia, January 29, 2016.

Eames, K. J. (2016). Cognitive psychology of religion. Long Grove, IL: Waveland Press.

*Myers, K. J. (2016), & Dailey, S.  Current Trends in Ethics: A Discussion with the ACA Ethics Committee.  American Counseling Association 2016 World Conference & Expo (March 31–April 3), Montreal, Canada.

Myers, K. J. (2016)  Guarding against Secondary Trauma: Ethical Self-Care of the Trauma Clinician.  Veterans Affairs Medical Center (VAMC; February 18, 2016), Atlanta, GA.

*Sisemore, T.A. (2016, March 31). “I’m not broken, just stuck”: An introduction to Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. Learning institute presented at the ACA National Conference. Montreal, Canada.

*Sisemore, T.A., & Snyder, V. (2016, April 1). Using client feedback and outcome to improve counselor effectiveness and training. Presented at ACA Convention and Expo. Montreal, Canada.

Sisemore, T.A. (2016, March 11). Facing death: Faith, coping, and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. Presented at Christian Association for Psychological Studies National Conference. Pasadena, CA.

Sisemore, T.A. (chair), Greggo, S., Hathaway, W., & Sanders, R. (2016, March 11). Facing the ethical challenges of being a person of faith in the mental health professions. Presented at Christian Association for Psychological Studies National Conference. Pasadena, CA.

*Slater, L.B., & McPherson, A.W., (2015). Marketing and programming for today’s counselors. In O’Brien, E.R & Hauser M.A. (Eds.), Supervision and Agency Management for Counselors, (pp.173-188). New York, NY: Springer.

*Snyder, V. (2016). Trauma-focused care. In L. E. Underwood & F. L. L. Dailey (Eds.) Counseling Adolescents Competently (pp. 51-74). Los Angeles, CA: Sage.

Snyder, V. (April, 2016). Organizational trauma. Presented at the National Crimes Against Women Conference. Dallas, TX.  

Snyder, V. & Taylor, D. (March, 2016). Sexual trauma therapy and sex therapy: Complement or conundrum? Presented at the Christian Association of Psychological Studies. Pasadena, CA.

*Sutherland, S. (2016, May). Ethics: On-the-ground and distance counseling issues. State Conference, Licensed Professional Counselors Association of Georgia, Stone Mountain, Georgia.

Sutherland, S. (2016, March). Commercially sexually exploited children: Critical levels of community intervention and treatment. National Conference, Christian Association for Psychological Studies, Pasadena, California.

**White, J.L., Blackburn, A. M., & Plisco, M.K. (March, 2016). Encouraging self-care in counselor training: Advancing health practices of student interns. Paper presented at the meeting of Christian Association of Psychological Studies (Counselor Education track), Pasadena, CA.

Richmont Faculty listed in bold

*Presented at ACA or related venue or published in ACA or related publication

** Counselor-focused presentations though not at ACA venue


Student Research

The following link is an archive of recent Richmont Student Thesis projects:

Student Thesis Archive