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Alumni Advisory Council Announces $10k Match at Fall Reunion

ATLANTA, GA – (November 6, 2013)

 On Friday, November 1, Richmont’s Alumni Advisory Council announced a dollar for dollar matching gift up to $10,000 in order to encourage end-of-year giving.

 “This matching challenge is an extraordinarily generous gift to the university,” said Richmont’s president, Bob Rodgers. “Engaged alumni are critical to the health and well-being of Richmont. I am extremely grateful that we have a group of thankful givers who are encouraging others to join them in the process. The margin that they help us create allows us to tenaciously pursue Richmont’s mission.”

Inaugural Alumni Advisory Council Chair, Dr. David Aycock, of A New Start Counseling Center, announced the match before officially passing his leadership responsibilities to the incoming chair, Mrs. Lavinia Myers.

“I am a 1979 graduate of Richmont and I received the best integrative psychology and theology education available then, and it has only improved since my matriculation,” said Dr. Aycock. “I have served Richmont as an adjunct professor, clinical supervisor, and chair of the re-branding committee. In every instance I received far more from Richmont than I contributed. We hail from a wonderful university.”

An alumna of Richmont, Myers will lead the university’s Alumni Advisory Council for the 2013-2014 fiscal year. Based on current alumni association enrollment, the university is predicting the highest level of alumni engagement in the history of the institution.

“I am both humbled and delighted to serve the Richmont community in this role,” said incoming Chair, Lavinia Myers. “I look forward to collaborating with students, faculty, and alumni during this exciting time of growth for the university.”

The matching gift and transition in Alumni Advisory Council leadership were presented during the fall alumni reunion and continuing education event. Partnering with the Institute for Sexual Wholeness, Richmont welcomed Dr. Doug Rosenau to present, “The Colors of Intimacy: A Model for Enriching and Restoring Marital Lovemaking.” With more than 220 individuals registered, the reunion was the third largest Richmont event to date. This registration number was particularly impressive because continuing education credit in this event’s subject matter is not required for all clinicians.

“Dr. Doug is a brilliant man with a tender and humble heart for advancing the Kingdom of God,” said Richmont alumna, Karisa Kaye. “To glean from his wisdom and his experience was a rich blessing for me. Dr. Doug is a man whose heart is sold out for God and the redemption of relationships and intimacy. He’s one of the best in the world and Richmont is wonderfully blessed to have a connection with him.”

Richmont is grateful to partner with high-quality thought leaders such as Dr. Rosenau; therefore, the next continuing education event is expected to occur on Richmont’s Chattanooga, Tennessee campus in the spring of 2014.

In order to full-fill the $10k match by the end of the year, individuals interested in contributing may connect in the following ways: