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Alumni Story: Diane Monteleone

In 2005, I entered the marriage and family program at Richmont University (then known as Psychological Studies Institute) with great anticipation of one day being able to work with hurting individuals and families. I had just exited a program at another local university where I was working towards getting a masters in finance after becoming convinced that my calling was to focus my life work on helping people versus micro managing cash flow and numbers through the field of accounting. In 2008, I graduated and was promptly hired by Focus Healthcare of Tennessee as a primary counselor, serving both the chemical dependency unit as well as the Center for Eating Disorders. Today, Focus trusts me to provide clinical oversight for the clinical staff and our patients as Program Director for both units. It is a privilege to be able to serve both counselor and patient alike. I am truly grateful for every aspect of the training given to me through Richmont and happy to give anyone who asks me a raving reference about my experience. Thank you to all of the staff, my fellow classmates and the curriculum for assisting me in becoming another Richmont contributor to the world via the counseling profession.

Diane Monteleone, MAMFT LMFT NCC
Program Director    
Focus Healthcare of Tennessee