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Richmont is excited to offer several webinars to help support students this summer. Each webinar is only 1-hour long and provides tips ​and take-aways for student success.

This summer our webinars will provide tools to help you manage your time, cope with stress, and write your papers. See descriptions below and future correspondence regarding these events will have zoom links.

Trouble Juggling All of Your Roles & Responsibilities?

Webinar: Time Management Secrets I Wish I had Known in Graduate School

Date/Time: July 7th, 12 pm – 1 pm

Summary: This seminar walks you through methods that focus on maximizing your time while in graduate school. As careful planning is one of the best ways to capitalize on time, Richmont offers strategies that demonstrate how effective planning will allow you to prioritize tasks so that you’re spending the bulk of your time on the most important activities and less in crisis mode. This seminar is helpful for anyone who is in the graduate school process.

Click here to attend. 
Meeting ID: 914 8712 7354

Wondering How to Manage Your Stress During a Pandemic?

Webinar: Attending School in the Time of COVID-19: Learning to Thrive in all Circumstances

Date/Time: July 16th, 6 pm – 7 pm

Summary: This is a hard time. How we work and live is upended, unknown, and untested due to a global health pandemic. This seminar talks through effective strategies to help you thrive in graduate school.

Click here to attend.
Meeting ID: 969 3510 5646

Struggling to Conquer APA Style?

Webinar: APA Writing Style Hacks for Counselors

Date/Time: July 23rd, 12 pm – 1 pm

Summary: It is not uncommon for graduate students to stumble in their use of APA style. Richmont’s job as an institution is to coach you toward better performance. One seminar cannot fully educate each student on all APA formatting but Richmont can provide you with the tools to be a clear and successful writer. This seminar will provide useful workarounds and hacks to help strengthen your writing skills.

Click here to attend.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Meeting ID: 761 956 5065


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