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Distance Learners




Study Rooms

Study rooms are available in Atlanta. Check at the circulation desk for availability and rules for use. There are no study rooms in the Chattanooga library. There are some areas of the library that are suitable for group work and library staff can help point out other areas in the building suitable for study.

Photocopiers / Printing

Copiers/printers are available for student use in both libraries. Guest users are asked to pay .05 a page; at this time students are not required to pay for study related use.

Ebooks and Audiobooks access

Fax Machines

Faxing services are not available through the libraries.


Scanning is available through the library copiers/printers. Atlanta instructions for scanning. In Chattanooga, Ron Bunger will scan for you and email the results.


How can I obtain material that is already checked out? In may cases library staff can place a hold on material that is already checked out, so that when it is returned, you will be given first opportunity to borrow the material.

What about materials at the other campus? Students and faculty have access to both collections. Let your local library staff know what you want, and if it available, the materials will arrive usally in two or three days.

What if the library doesn’t have something? Library staff are always happy to receive purchase suggestions. Faculty, staff, and students can also request an interlibrary loan.

How can I avoid library fines? First of all, know when your material is due. If you need additional time you can usally get an extension by calling or contacting the library where you checked out your material. You can also use your last name and patron number in the library web catalog to renew materials.

Can I print in color or fax? The libraries do not have fax machines or color printing available.

How can I locate the full text of articles? See Find Articles.

Can I use my eBook reader? Yes. See Find Articles.

How can I join the library if I am not a student? See Circulation Policies.