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Career Mapping

To ensure that Richmont students are prepared to enter the work force upon graduation, we help them develop a personalized career map. From the first day of classes through commencement, this tool will evolve to provide students with a strong practical foundation from which to launch their careers in the settings in which they believe God has called them.

As they complete certain required courses, students will begin to accumulate the resources necessary for a successful career map. These include:

  • Professional practice forms and procedures
  • Licensure requirements and membership with preferred societies such as the American Counseling Association
  • Community needs assessment
  • Information on resume-writing and marketing
  • Referral and networking systems for both church and community settings

Students also will be exposed to guest speakers, including Richmont alumni, who will share their varied work experiences as well as information about further graduate study. Richmont also maintains a listserv for students and alumni that is focused on current job opportunities and licensure issues.

Prospective Students