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Richmont Clinicians Provide C.A.R.E. Training to 84 Hamilton County Teachers

CHATTANOOGA, TN – (August 27, 2013)

On Friday, August 23, approximately 84 Hamilton County public school pre-K teachers received Child-Adult Relationship Enhancement Training (C.A.R.E.) from Richmont’s Community Counseling Center (RCCC) clinicians, Michelle Shelley and Anaely Hernandez-Johnson. Each educator received C.A.R.E. training free of charge thanks to a grant from the Community Foundation of Greater Chattanooga.

“It was an honor to train Hamilton Country Pre-K teachers in C.A.R.E.,” said RCCC Director, Michelle Shelley. “These teachers are a vital part of their student’s lives and each teacher has an opportunity to make a mark on each of these children’s lives. We are thankful for their hard work with children in the Chattanooga community.”

C.A.R.E. training is unique because it is a trauma-informed modification of Parent-Child Interaction Therapy principles intended for use by non-clinical adults. In three hours, C.A.R.E. training prepared educators to better utilize three P’s – Praise, Paraphrase, and Point-Out Behavior – to improve their interactions with children. As a result of the training, Chattanooga educators are now equipped with techniques to:

  • Give more effective directions that children are more likely to obey; increase positive and appropriate behaviors in children; and manage problematic behaviors more efficiently.
  • Help decrease stress associated with caretaking and provide tips for parents on reducing child behavior problems at home, school and in public settings.
  • Know which child-adult situations require praising, paraphrasing and pointing-out behavior and which ones require selective ignoring techniques to redirect behaviors.

After training, participants provided feedback such as:

  • “You have done a great job. Keep up the great work. Some of our young teachers don’t have these skills and are frustrated with students.”
  • “It was very informational and all pre-K-12 should have this training.”
  • “Great job presenting! This was the best professional development we have had.”

Additionally, like the Community Foundation, Earth Fare and Acropolis Mediterranean contributed to the success of the C.A.R.E. training by donating materials and food items in order to encourage participation in the C.A.R.E. training event.