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Richmont Dean, Dr. Keny Felix, Featured at Counseling & Pastoral Care Symposium at Mercer University

Atlanta, Georgia – (February 8, 2013)

Dean of the School of Counseling and Licensed Professional Counselor, Dr. Keny Felix, represented Richmont Graduate University at this year’s Counseling and Pastoral Care Symposium at Mercer University.

Dr. Felix, alongside Rabbi Scott Sekulow of Temple Beth Adonai, served as a keynote speaker at the event, hosted by Charles O’Connor, M.S., LPC, Mercer Ph.D. Counseling Student, and Dr. Kenyon Knapp, Assistant Dean for Graduate Programs and Associate Professor of Counseling.  Dr. Felix presented on addressing spirituality and religion in counseling. Rabbi Sekulow spoke on diversity and pastoral care. Mercer graduate Jumie Duduyemi, LAPC, and Yvette Gates, LPC and doctoral student at Mercer, also presented, speaking on issues related to providing church-based professional counseling services.

 “Religion and spirituality are an integral part of our society today, so it behooves us as professional counselors to be adequately prepared to address issues related to spirituality and religion when working with clients who are so inclined.” said Dr. Felix.

Dr. Felix noted, according to research, the majority of adults in the U.S. express some sort of religious beliefs. Furthermore, many individuals turn to their communities of faith in times of distress or use spiritual styles of coping. Research has shown a relationship between spirituality and wellness.

“To not address issues related to spirituality and religion when they are an integral part of a client’s life is being insensitive as a counselor and fails to reflect competence,” said Dr. Felix. “A client’s spirituality and religious beliefs and practices must be considered when assessing, diagnosing, and selecting appropriate treatments. This was a wonderful symposium as it provided a forum to address these issues and more.”