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Richmont Graduate’s Book Lands on Amazon Bestselleing Devotionals List

CLEVELAND, TN – (March 24, 2014)

On March 20, 2014, Jennifer Hand, a two-time Richmont graduate, released her first book 31 Days to Coming Alive. Since the book’s release, it has been on Amazon’s list of bestselling devotionals. The print version of the book will be available for purchase at the end of April. 

The idea for this devotional book first came to Hand while studying at Richmont. Receiving her Master of Science in Psychological Studies and Master of Arts degree in Professional Counseling, Hand came to Richmont intending to learn practical counseling techniques and use them to help others find freedom.  

Her book, 31 Days to Coming Alive, helps people easily connect their hearts with Christ in order to come alive in their daily lives. Each daily devotional is written to connect scripture to reader’s hearts using life stories and topics include: coming alive in confidence, coming alive in prayer, coming alive in courage, coming alive in your common, and coming alive in community. These devotions speak to the reader’s soul and the heart at the end of each day and include a few questions or directives to practically apply the concepts.  

“I did not imagine that my time at Richmont would revolutionize my walk with the Lord,” Hand said. “Through my classes in Spiritual Direction, God developed in me a deep longing and calling to help others connect in deeper heart ways with Christ.” 

In between her years at Richmont, Hand also served for two years as a missionary in Nepal. After graduating in May 2012 she started Coming Alive Ministries to help people come alive in Christ through counseling, conferences and written resources. Today, Coming Alive Ministries provides opportunities for women to come alive in Christ through conferences and retreats, counseling, and written and multimedia resources. In particular, the conferences are designed to encourage attendees to live alive in Christ through worship, the Word, laughter, fellowship and fun. While teaching approximately 40 retreats and conferences a year across the globe, Hand also engages missionary families in counseling as a professional counselor.