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Master of Arts in Clinical Mental Health Counseling

Cochran and Hill Appointed Co-Chairs of Integration

Richmont Graduate University has appointed Dr. Cara Cochran and Dr. Preston Hill as Co-Chairs of Integration through June of 2022. In this role, they will be leading a process of reviewing integration curriculum and developing resources that highlight the vital intersection of psychology and theology that is at the heart of Richmont’s mission. “I am deeply humbled, overjoyed, and energized to collaborate with Dr. Cochran and all our incredible faculty, staff, and students for advancing Richmont’s legacy of excellence in integrating Christian faith with clinical mental health counseling,” Dr. Hill states. “I truly believe there has never been a more exciting time to reimagine what difference our Christian heritage makes for the theory and practice of mental health and how this can empower a new generation of clinicians today.”

Similarly, Dr. Cochran is focused on the value of collaboration. “I am excited to collaborate with Dr. Hill and the Richmont community, to expand and highlight Richmont’s commitment to the integration of Christian faith with clinical mental health counseling. The heart of both the Christian faith and of mental health counseling includes healing, restoration, and transformation, just as Richmont’s mission states. The integration of faith and practice has always been foundational to Richmont’s identity, and I look forward to more intentional conversations and creative opportunities to equip our students to allow their faith to inform their practice. I am thankful for administration, faculty, and a university community that is committed to excellence in the teaching and practice of integration.”