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Mayra Richards ’16 featured in the Leaders of Cobb section of Cobb In Focus magazine

Richmont is always proud of the difference our graduates make in the world. Alumna (and new Alumni Council member) Mayra Richards ’16 is featured in the Leaders of Cobb section of the current issue of Cobb In Focus magazine. Keep having an impact out there, Richmont folks!

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Dr. Jama White Announces Retirement. Dr. Stephanie Keane Named as Assistant Director of Clinical Training for Chattanooga

Dr. Jama White, who has served at the helm of the clinical training program at the Chattanooga campus has announced her retirement after 19 years. Dr. White was recently honored by the faculty of the School of Counseling with the rank of Professor Emerita for her faithful service to the university. Dr. White states, “Richmont has been a wonderful corner of God’s kingdom to serve in.  It has been a privilege to be a part of the quality training and supportive community that are Richmont’s hallmarks.  I hope to remain involved with students in this special mission in the days ahead.”

“Dr. Jama White has made an indelible mark on the lives of an entire generation of counselors on the Chattanooga campus.  Her quiet leadership has built a clinical training program that demonstrates excellence, and we are incredibly grateful for her investment in students,” noted Dr. Cara Cochran, Dean of the School of Counseling.

With Dr. White’s retirement, Dr. Stephanie Keane has been appointed as the Assistant Director of Clinical Training for the Chattanooga campus.  “Clinical training is a vital and pivotal part of becoming a strong clinician. I am excited to have the opportunity to work more directly with interns in cultivating their counseling skills and helping them to navigate their internship experience as the Assistant Director of Clinical Training at Richmont’s Chattanooga campus,” remarked Dr. Keane.  “Dr Keane came to Richmont with a passion for clinical training, and we look forward to her leadership, along with the other members of the Clinical Training Department at Richmont,” states Dr. Cochran.

A celebration honoring Dr. White will be announced in the coming weeks.

Richmont Doctoral Student Presents at TedX Event

Dr. Sam Youngs Publishes in The Journal of Disability and Religion

In this new article, Dr. Youngs explores the implications of atonement for the psychiatric disabilities of anxiety and scrupulosity. Christianity can and has bred deeply felt anxieties—how do our ideas about forgiveness, atonement, and the grace of God relate to this sort of wounding? Moreover, how can Christian ideas in this space help to heal these wounds? In dialogue with the vibrant thought of Martin Luther, Dr. Youngs suggests a vision for “therapeutic atonement” that may be helpful to those suffering with religiously-related anxiety.

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Dr. Brian Mesimer Presents to the Conference on Medicine and Religion at The Ohio State University

Dr. Jenny Chien named Assistant Director of Clinical Training for Richmont’s online campus

Dr. Jenny Chien, Associate Professor of Counseling, has been named as Assistant Director of Clinical Training for Richmont’s online campus.

Dr. Stan Hoover, Director of Richmont’s Online Program, and Assistant Dean of the School of Counseling stated, “Clinical training for our online campus is in good hands with Dr. Chien. She is an excellent counselor educator whose genuine care for students and thoughtful attention to all the details of their internship experience make her an ideal fit for this role.”

Dr. Chien, who holds a Ph.D. from Florida Atlantic University in Counselor Education, remarked, “Clinical training is an integral part of growing in skill and competence as a counselor. I am thrilled to partner with the Clinical Training Team as the Assistant Director of Clinical Training for Richmont’s online program to enhance the development of our online students. I look forward to supporting Richmont students in site placement, engaging with our partnering site supervisors, and working to bring innovation to clinical training.”

Richmont’s online program has experienced remarkable growth in the last two years and anticipates even greater growth in the near future. Having someone of Dr. Chien’s caliber in this role is crucial for engaging students across the country in robust, quality clinical training experiences that meet Richmont’s high standards for students.

Richmont establishes collaborative partnership with the Jesuit Institute of South Africa

Richmont Graduate University has partnered with the Jesuit Institute of South Africa (JISA) to afford 9 free credits into Richmont’s Doctor of Ministry in Spiritual Formation and Leadership through its Ignatian Spirituality course specialization.

Russell Pollitt, SJ, Director of JISA, comments:

“The Spiritual Exercises of St Ignatius Loyola are a gift that transcends far beyond any denomination. We are delighted to share in this international partnership – between the Jesuit Institute South Africa, The Martin Institute, Richmont Graduate University and Conversatio. Our commitment to working together testifies to the fact that the Spiritual Exercises belong to the whole people of God – in the broadest sense. They have the potential – when guided well – to change lives. Our partnership enables us to help others realize this potential. As Christ followers today, we can now offer a life-changing and re-orientating experience to people across the globe. We are blessed to share in this ministry and assist others to offer our world, God’s people, this timeless and priceless spiritual gift. We appreciate our relationship and those who have made it possible very much”.

Sam Youngs, Ph.D. adds:

“There is a deep alignment between Ignatian Spirituality and the ethos of Richmont, as both leverage classical resources to equip disciples in both spiritual direction and formation. This exciting partnership further empowers these mutual strengths!”

Russell Pollitt, SJ, Director of JISA

Sam Youngs, Ph.D.   Adjunct Professor, Richmont Graduate University

Dr. Kathleen Bazile Named as Director of Clinical Training

Richmont Graduate University is pleased to announce that Dr. Kathleen Bazile has been named as the university’s Director of Clinical Training beginning April 3rd. Dr. Bazile is a licensed Professional Counselor, an Approved Clinical Supervisor, and received her doctoral degree from Mercer University in Counselor Education and Supervision.

Dr. Bazile states, ” I am excited to lead the clinical training program alongside an incredible team into Richmont’s next innovative season. I see this as an opportunity to infuse my passion, creativity, and expertise into the next generation of highly skilled and transformative counselors. ”

“The Director of Clinical Training is a critical position for the university,” states Dr. Cara Cochran, Dean of the School of Counseling, “and Dr. Bazile is a natural fit for this important appointment. Not only does she have superb educational and clinical skills, she also brings the warmth and encouragement that all new clinicians need as they prepare to see their first clients.”

The Director of Clinical Training guides students through the entire clinical sequence at Richmont from the first course in Helping Relationships through Internship II. Additionally, the director is responsible for clinical training for the entire university to ensure that the standards are met and maintained in Atlanta, Chattanooga, and online.

Hill and Youngs Present at Theology on Tap

March 7: Dr. Sam Youngs, Richmont Graduate University

Making Christ Real: The Ascension in Our Everyday

Lecture + Book Release Event
Doors 6:30 PM • Lecture 7:00 PM

March 29: Dr. Preston Hill, Richmont Graduate University

The Trinity & Trauma-Safe Churches

Lecture + Book Release Event
Doors 6:30 PM • Lecture 7:00 PM

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Richmont Celebrates the 90th Anniversary of Chattanooga Bible Institute

On January 28th, more than 100 friends of CBI/Richmont – alumni, descendants of the CBI founding family, and other friends – gathered at the Hunter Museum of American Art for a gala dinner to celebrate the 90th anniversary of CBI’s founding, its gradual evolution into today’s Richmont, and its decades of positive impact on the city. Guests viewed a video sharing an oral history of CBI and how it came to be merged with the Psychological Studies Institute (PSI) in Atlanta, forming Richmont Graduate University in 2000.

“2023 is a big year for Richmont. It marks not only the 90th anniversary of CBI, but also the 50th anniversary of PSI, Richmont’s Atlanta predecessor, and the 20th anniversary of our first accredited graduating class,” said Amy Estes, Executive Director of University Advancement. “We thought it was important to celebrate these milestones of our heritage and what has gone into making Richmont what it is today. And we are pleased to have started our celebrations in such a special way recognizing our Chattanooga roots.”

The gala at the Hunter was sponsored by Decosimo Corporate Finance, LLC. Tom Decosimo, current Richmont Trustee and great-nephew of CBI founder Ellen Sharp Poindexter hoped to engage younger members of the founding family. Following the event, he said, “This 5th and 6th generation of family members and their broad network of friends, all of whom are upcoming leaders of the Chattanooga community, were provided information about Richmont – their legacy. To a person, they were overwhelmed with the impact the University is making in the world by training from a Christian worldview evidence-based clinical mental health practitioners. They were excited and eager to understand the ways they can offer their support.”

Richmont’s President, Dr. Timothy Quinnan, expressed his gratitude for the opportunity to assume the leadership of Richmont in the summer of 2017. He provided guests with highlights of his tenure to date and a current snapshot of the university Richmont has become, experiencing endowment growth, expansion of programs, and record enrollments in recent semesters.

During the last weekend of July, Richmont will host activities in Atlanta marking the 50th anniversary of the Psychological Studies Institute.

Hear from the founders of CBI:

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