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Conversations is no longer being published regularly.

However, back issues are available at no charge here. The full catalog of back issues will be built up over several years.

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Back Issues is working to build up the library of back issues available free of charge.

Visit here to see what is currently available.

Issue 1.1:
The First Issue
Issue 1.2:
True Self/False Self
Issue 2.1:
Issue 2.2: What Movement Toward God Looks Like
Issue 3.1:
Scripture and Formation
Issue 3.2:
Obstacles to Union
Issue 4.1: Means of Grace: Openness To The Experience of God
Issue 4.2:
Contemplative Prayer
Issue 5.1:
Spiritual Direction
Issue 5.2:
Gifts from the Monastery
Issue 6.1:
Mysticism And Divine Awareness
Issue 6.2:
Issue 7.1:
Spiritual Retreats
Issue 7.2:
Following the Jesus Way
Issue 8.1:
How We Change
Issue 8.2:
Contemplation and Action
Issue 9.1:
Spirituality and the Body
Issue 9.2:
The Problem of Pain
Issue 10.1:
Welcoming the Stranger
Issue 10.2:
Issue 11.1:
Streams of Living Water
Issue 11.2:
Be Not Afraid
Issue 12.1:
Wisdom & Aging
Issue 12.2:
Issue 13.1:
Issue 13.2:
Issue 14.1:
Race And Formation
Issue 14.2:
Created to Create

Frequently Asked Questions

Will there be more issues of Conversations Journal?

There will be no more print or digital editions of Conversations Journal in the foreseeable future. It is with great appreciation that Richmont Graduate University marks Issue 14.2: Created To Create as the last print edition of the journal.

For more than a decade, Conversations has provided spiritually thoughtful and intellectually rich content to an audience seeking spiritual formation. Because of the support and encouragement of readers like you, Conversations has been able to publish important articles on issues ranging from contemplative prayer, to how transformation in Christ really happens, to the intersections of faithful formation and race. Richmont Graduate University and Conversations partner organizations will continue to teach and lead in the areas of spiritual formation.

Conversations Journal is also thrilled to be partnering with the Formatio line of InterVarsity Press to continue to produce high quality content on spiritual formation topics through Formatio’s monthly newsletter. If you are not already subscribed to the Conversations/Formatio newsletter, you can do so here.

Where can I go for more spiritual formation resources?

Richmont Graduate University offers graduate-level training and degree programs in Spiritual Formation and Direction through its School of Ministry.  More information can be found at Conversations Journal is also proud to work with several partner organizations that are listed below.

What other spiritual formation resources do you recommend?

We are excited to point you to a number of organizations with which we have partnered in the past. They are a breadth of providers, from spiritual directors to ministries to retreat leaders to publishers, and we believe that you will find support for your journey with Christ with each of them.

The Dallas Willard Center

New Way Ministries

Richmont Graduate University

Anam Cara Ministries


Intervarsity Press

Leadership Transformations

The Leadership Institute

Baker Publishing

Apprentice Institute

Grafted Life – Evangelical Spiritual Directors Association

Jan Johnson