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Master of Arts in Clinical Mental Health Counseling

Richmont establishes collaborative partnership with the Jesuit Institute of South Africa

Richmont Graduate University has partnered with the Jesuit Institute of South Africa (JISA) to afford 9 free credits into Richmont’s Doctor of Ministry in Spiritual Formation and Leadership through its Ignatian Spirituality course specialization.

Russell Pollitt, SJ, Director of JISA, comments:

“The Spiritual Exercises of St Ignatius Loyola are a gift that transcends far beyond any denomination. We are delighted to share in this international partnership – between the Jesuit Institute South Africa, The Martin Institute, Richmont Graduate University and Conversatio. Our commitment to working together testifies to the fact that the Spiritual Exercises belong to the whole people of God – in the broadest sense. They have the potential – when guided well – to change lives. Our partnership enables us to help others realize this potential. As Christ followers today, we can now offer a life-changing and re-orientating experience to people across the globe. We are blessed to share in this ministry and assist others to offer our world, God’s people, this timeless and priceless spiritual gift. We appreciate our relationship and those who have made it possible very much”.

Sam Youngs, Ph.D. adds:

“There is a deep alignment between Ignatian Spirituality and the ethos of Richmont, as both leverage classical resources to equip disciples in both spiritual direction and formation. This exciting partnership further empowers these mutual strengths!”

Russell Pollitt, SJ, Director of JISA

Sam Youngs, Ph.D.   Adjunct Professor, Richmont Graduate University