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Master of Arts in Clinical Mental Health Counseling
Books by Richmont Faculty

Many Richmont faculty are world-renowned authors, having written on a spectrum of psychological and spiritual issues.

Their books are available from Amazon and ChristianBook

A. David G. Benner, Ph.D.

  • Desiring God’s Will: Aligning Our Hearts with the Heart of God
  • The Gift of Being Yourself: The Sacred Call to Self Discovery
  • Spiritual Direction and the Care of Souls
  • Surrender to Love: Discovering the Heart of Christian Spirituality
  • Strategic Pastoral Counseling, 2nd Edition
  • Sacred Companions: The Gift of Spiritual Friendship and Direction
  • Baker Encyclopedia of Psychology and Counseling, 2nd Edition
  • Care of Souls: Reuniting the Psychological and Spiritual for Christian Nurture and Counsel
  • Money Madness and Financial Freedom: The Psychology of Money Meanings and Management (Life Line Series)
  • Psychotherapy and the Spiritual Quest
  • Psychotherapy in Christian Perspective
  • Spirituality and the Awakening Self: The Sacred Journey of Transformation
  • Psychology and Religion
  • Christian Counseling and Psychotherapy
  • Opening to God: Lectio Divina and Life as Prayer
  • Soulful Spirituality: Becoming Fully Alive and Deeply Human
  • Christian Perspectives on Human Development (Psychology and Christianity)
  • Understanding and Facilitating Forgiveness (Strategic pastoral Counseling Resources)
  • Counseling and the Human Predicament: A Study of Sin, Guilt, and Forgiveness (Psychology and Christianity)
  • Healing Emotional Wounds
  • Choosing the Gift of Forgiveness: How to Overcome Hurts and Brokenness (Strategic Christian Living)

Ken Boa, Ph.D.

  • Conformed to His Image: Biblical and Practical Approaches to Spiritual Formation
  • Face to Face: Praying the Scriptures for Intimate Worship
  • Face to Face: Praying the Scriptures for Spiritual Growth
  • I’m Glad You Asked: In-Depth Answers to Difficult Questions about Christianity
  • Handbook to Prayer: Praying Scripture back to God
  • The Perfect Leader
  • Handbook to Leadership
  • 20 Compelling Evidences That God Exists: Discover Why Believing in God Makes so Much Sense
  • The Art of Living Well: A Biblical Approach from Proverbs (Guidebook)
  • God, I Don’t Understand: Answers to Difficult Questions of the Faith
  • A Taste of the Classics: Volume 1: Mere Christianity, Pilgrims Progress, The Brothers Karamazov and the Imitation of Christ
  • A Taste of the Classics: Volume 2: The Screwtape Letters, Paradise Lost, Confessions by Augustine and the Pursuit of God
  • A Taste of the Classics: Volume 3: Crime and Punishment, Penses, The Great Divorce and Christian Perfection
  • A Taste of the Classics: Volume 4: The Divine Comedy, Knowledge of the Holy, Pride and Prejudice and the Love of God
  • Seasons of Prayer: In Word and Image
  • Sense and Nonsense about Angels and Demons
  • 20 Compelling Evidences That God Exists: Discover Why Believing in God Makes So Much Sense
  • Talk Thru the Bible
  • Faith Has Its Reasons: Integrative Approaches to Defending the Christian Faith
  • The Leadership Bible
  • Handbook to Renewal: Renewing Your Mind with Affirmations from Scripture
  • Cults, World Religions and the Occult: What They Teach, How to Respond to Them
  • The 52 Greatest Stories of the Bible: A Devotional Study
  • Hearts and Minds: Raising Your Child with a Christian View of the World
  • Simple Prayers: A Daybook of Conversations with God
  • Drawing Near
  • Pursuing Wisdom: A Biblical Approach from Proverbs
  • Handbook to Spiritual Growth: Twelve Facets of the Spiritual Life
  • Wisdom at Work: A Biblical Approach to the Workplace
  • Unraveling the Big Questions about God

Jeanine Brown, Ph.D.

  • Scripture as Communication: Introducing Biblical Hermeneutics

Gary R. Collins, Ph.D.

  • The Biblical Basis of Christian Counseling
  • Christian Coaching
  • Christian Counseling: a Comprehensive Guide
  • How to Be a People Helper
  • The Soul Search: A Spiritual Journey to Authentic Intimacy with God
  • Christian Counseling Casebook
  • Psychology & Christianity: Four Views
  • The Rebuilding of Psychology: An Integration of Psychology and Christianity
  • Breathless: Transform Your Time-Starved Days into a Life Well Lived
  • Case Studies in Christian Counseling (Resources for Christian Counseling)
  • Excellence and Ethics in Counseling (Resources for Christian Counseling)
  • Innovative Approaches to Counseling (Resources for Christian Counseling)
  • Can You Trust Psychology: Exposing the Facts and the Fictions
  • You Can Make a Difference: 14 Principles for Influencing Lives
  • The Magnificent Mind
  • Psychology & Theology: Prospects for Integration
  • Family Shock: Keeping Families Strong in the Midst of Earthshaking Change
  • Helping People Grow: Practical Approaches to Christian Counseling
  • The Soul Search: A Spiritual Journey to Authentic Intimacy with God
  • Make More of Your Marriage
  • Baby Boomer Blues (Contemporary Christian Counseling)
  • Beyond Easy Believism
  • It’s O.K. to be Single: A Guidebook for Singles and the Church
  • Living in Peace; The Psychology of Interpersonal Relations
  • The 60-Second Christian
  • Calm Down
  • Coping with Christmas
  • Family Talk
  • Getting Started: Directions for the Most Important Decisions in Life
  • Getting Your Life Out of Neutral
  • Give Me a Break
  • Handling the Holidays: A Psychologist’s Guide to Turning Your Hectic Holidays into True Celebrations
  • The Joy of Caring
  • The Secrets of Our Sexuality: Role Liberation for the Christian
  • Spotlight on Stress
  • You Can Profit from Stress

David C. Cooper, D.Min.

  • For Better, Not Worse: Transforming Your Marriage from a Contract to a Covenant (DiscoverLife Publishing)
  • Apocalypse! A New Look at the Book of Revelation (Pathway Press)
  • Written On Our Hearts: Rediscovering the Ten Commandments (DiscoverLife Publishing)
  • Seven Scriptural Steps to Success (DiscoverLife Publishing)
  • Faith Under Fire: How Christians Respond to Islam and Other Religions (Pathway Press)
  • Repurposing Your Life (Pathway Press)
  • Timeless Truths in Changing Times — A 365-Daily Devotional (DiscoverLife Publishing)
  • 10 Steps Toward a Better Life (Pathway Press)

 Larry Crabb, Ph.D.

  • Fully Alive: A Biblical Vision of Gender That Frees Men and Women to Live Beyond Stereotypes
  • Inside Out
  • The Pressure’s Off: There’s a new Way to Live
  • Shattered Dreams: God’s Unexpected Path to Joy
  • Connecting: healing Ourselves and Our Relationships
  • Soul Talk: The Language God Longs for Us to Speak
  • Becoming a True Spiritual Community: A Profound Vision of What the Church Can Be
  • Effective Biblical Counseling: A Model for helping Caring Christians Become Capable Counselors
  • The Marriage Builder: Creating True Oneness to Transform Your Marriage
  • 66 Love Letters: A Conversation with God That Invites You into His Story
  • Finding God
  • The Papa Prayer: The Prayer You’ve Never Prayed
  • Understanding People: Why We Long for Relationship
  • Men of Courage: God’s Call to Move Beyond the Silence of Adam
  • Encouragement: The Unexpected Power of Building Others Up
  • Understanding Who You Are: What Your Relationships Tell You About Yourself (LifeChange)
  • The Safest Place on Earth
  • The Silence of Adam: Becoming Men of Courage in a World of Chaos
  • God’s Love Letters to You: A 40-Day Devotional Experience
  • Men & Women: Enjoying the Difference
  • Basic Principles of Biblical Counseling: Meeting Counseling Needs Through the Local Church
  • Real Church: Does it Exist? Can I Find It?
  • Hope When You’re Hurting: Answers to Four Questions Hurting People Ask
  • How to Deal with Anger (Designed for Influence)
  • Bring Home the Joy
  • Who We Are & How We Relate: The Ibc Approach to Understanding What Makes People

William Doverspike, Ph.D.

  • Risk Management: Clinical, Ethical & Legal Guidelines for Successful Practice
  • MDI-R, Multiaxial Diagnostic Inventory (Revised Edition): Professional Manual

Jerry A. Gladson, Ph.D.

  • A Week of Passion, an Eternity of Joy (Bible Ride, Bk. 3)
  • The Bible Ride (The Bible Ride, Bk. 2)
  • Falling for God

Scott Harrower, Ph.D.

  • Trinitarian Self and Salvation: An Evangelical Engagement with Rahner’s Rule

Gregory K. Moffatt, Ph.D.

  • A Violent Heart: Understanding Aggressive Individuals
  • Blind-Sided: Homocide Where It Is Least Expected
  • Stone Cold Souls: History’s Most Vicious Killers
  • Wounded Innocents and Fallen Angels: Child Abuse and Child Aggression
  • Survivors: What We Can Learn from How They Cope with Horrific Tragedy
  • The Parenting Journey: From Conception through the Teen Years
  • Handcuffed: A Friendship of Endurance

Gary Moon, Ph.D.

  • A Week of Passion, an Eternity of Joy (Bible Ride, Bk. 3)
  • The Bible Ride (The Bible Ride, Bk. 2)
  • Falling for God
  • Homesick for Eden: A Soul’s Journey to Joy
  • Homesick for Eden: Confessions About the Journey of a Soul
  • Spiritual Direction and the Care of Souls

Douglas Rosenau, Ed.D.

  • Celebration of Sex
  • Soul Virgins: Redefining Single Sexuality
  • A Celebration of Sex after 50
  • A Celebration of Sex for Newlyweds
  • Slaying the Marriage Dragons

Tim Sisemore, Ph.D.

  • I Bet I Won’t Fret … A Workbook That Helps Kids Beat the Worries
  • Instant Help for Generalized Anxiety Disorder
  • Of Such is the Kingdom: Nurturing Children in the Light of Scripture
  • The Clinician’s Guide to Exposure Therapies for Anxiety Spectrum Disorders: Integrating Techniques and Applications from CBT, DBT, and ACT
  • Free from OCD: A Workbook for Teens with Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder
  • World-Proof Your Kids: Raising Children Unstained by the World
  • Our Covenant with Kids: Biblical Nurture in Home and Church
  • Counseling and Christianity: Five Approaches

Siang-Yang Tan, Ph.D.

  • Counseling and Psychotherapy: A Christian Perspective
  • Lay Counseling: Equipping Christians for a Helping Ministry
  • Disciplines of the Holy Spirit: How to Connect to the Spirit’s Power and Presence
  • Understanding Depression (Strategic Pastoral Counseling Resources)
  • Rest: Experiencing God’s Peace in a Restless World
  • Full Service: Moving from Self-Serve Christianity to Total Servanthood
  • Coping with Depression
  • Managing Chronic Pain: Strategies for Dealing with Back Pain, Headaches, Muscle & Joint Pain, Cancer Pain, Abdominal Pain

Peter Vogt, Ph.D.

  • Interpreting the Pentateuch: An Exegetical Handbook (Handbooks for Old Testament Exegesis)
  • Deuteronomic Theology and the Significance of Torah: A Reappraisal

Bill Willits

  • Creating Community: Five Keys to Building a Small Group Culture

Sandra D. Wilson, Ph.D.

  • Hurt People Hurt People: Hope and Healing for Yourself and Your Relationships
  • Into Abba’s Arms (AACC Library)
  • Released from Shame: Moving Beyond the Pain of the Past
  • Counseling Adult Children of Alcoholics (Resources for Christian Counseling)
  • Shame-Free Parenting
  • The World According to Me: Recognizing and Releasing Our Illusions of Control