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Monthly archive: January 2023

After Trial Period, Richmont Permanently Adopts 4-day Work Week

During the fall semester of 2022, Richmont Graduate University experimented with an innovative four-day operating schedule. The intent was to enhance employee wellness, workplace satisfaction, collaboration, and productivity. Near the term’s end, President Timothy Quinnan created a leadership team to assess its impact.

Vice Presidents of Administration and Student Affairs, Roxie Shellabarger and Dr. Amanda Blackburn, respectively, spearheaded this evaluative effort. Utilizing focus groups and productivity reviews conducted by management, the pilot initiative was deemed a major success. As Dr. Blackburn notes, “Staff noted increased collaboration, life-balance, the ability to work ‘smarter’, and an appreciation for how much value the University truly placed on their well-being.”

“We are so pleased to see the outcomes including higher levels of efficiency and productivity, but just as importantly, greater happiness in the workplace and at home. We believe this shift in work culture will elevate knowledge generation, as well exert a continuing beneficial effect on every member of our community,” Dr. Quinnan asserts.

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