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Monthly archive: December 2023

Richmont Launches The Spiritual First Responders Project Funded by The John Templeton Foundation

Until recently, social sciences only studied different religious identities (Jewish, Catholic, Protestant, Buddhist, etc) and identifying as none of these meant being labelled a religious “none.” However, recent studies in psychology have discovered a new group of people called the religious “dones.” Unlike some “nones” who have never been religious, this new group contains people who were religious at one point but have now deidentified from religion.

But, religious “dones” aren’t always completely “done.” Sometimes they may not have totally deidentified but would describe themselves as “deconstructing.” Studies also show that the spiritually-seeking religious “dones” have the highest rates of depression, anxiety, and mental health needs.

Our project is devoted to providing access to mental health care and spiritual meaning making for spiritually seeking religious “dones.”

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