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Monthly archive: April 2022

Dr. Preston Hill and Dr. Samuel Youngs deliver keynote lectures in Theology and Trauma Public Theology Series

Dr. Preston Hill and Dr. Sam Youngs recently keynoted the Public Theology Lecture Series at The Mission Chattanooga.  Dr. Youngs’ address was entitled, “When Doctrine Hurts: Theology in Light of Trauma,
and focused on the effects of toxic theology.” Dr. Hill’s lecture, “In Search of Healing: Trauma in light of Theology,” focused on movements toward healing in a biblical and theological framework.

The lectures can be downloaded here:

Dr. Samuel J. Youngs: “When Doctrine Hurts: Theology in Light of Trauma.

Dr. Preston Hill: “In Search of Healing: Trauma in Light of Theology.”

Richmont Partners with Sustainable Faith

Richmont Graduate University has established an exciting partnership with Sustainable Faith, a collective of pastors and spiritual directors working to create spiritually healthy cultures among leaders and their communities. The partnership is aligned with Richmont’s School of Ministry, which prepares men and women to fulfill God’s call to transformational ministry. Together, we are set to continue to equip more Christ-like leaders for God’s Kingdom.

The partnership allows Richmont to provide academic credit to Sustainable Faith students. Specifically, Richmont is providing 12 credits of Advanced Standing in our Master of Arts in Spiritual Formation and Direction degree to graduates of the Sustainable Faith program. The relationship between Richmont and Sustainable Faith is especially centered on our innovative cohort model of accredited training in the ministry of Spiritual Direction.

Dr. Joshua Rice, Acting Provost and Dean of the School of Ministry at Richmont states, “We’re very excited to partner with Sustainable Faith. Our shared partnership in the ministry of spiritual direction makes this a natural fit. We expect that this agreement will bear fruit for each institution in the future.”

Students can begin receiving academic credit effective in the fall semester of 2022. Visit the Sustainable Faith at

For more information, please contact Dr. Joshua Rice at

Dr. Doug Rosenau (1947-2022)

Richmont Graduate University extends our sympathies to the family and friends of Dr. Doug Rosenau, who went to be with the Lord early on Palm Sunday, April 10th. Dr. Rosenau began teaching at Richmont (then PSI) in 2002, and his work through the Institute for Sexual Wholeness has equipped thousands of counselors to address God’s design for sexuality and to do so with excellence and compassion. Dr. Rosenau’s investment in the lives of Richmont’s students is a lasting legacy. His kindness and gentle demeanor exemplified Christ, and Richmont is the grateful recipient of his work, and of his compassion for others.

Dr. Rosenau’s full obituary can be found here:
Douglas Rosenau Obituary – Atlanta, GA (

Dr. Preston Hill Delivers Key Note Lecture Series at the St. Benedict Center for Spiritual Formation

The Lectio Series is a semi-annual symposium on spiritual theology hosted by the St Benedict Center in Knoxville, TN. Keynote speakers address varied topics on spiritual formation and the inner life. Dr. Hill’s series was entitled “Encountering Jesus in Darkness.”

The lectures can be accessed here.