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Timothy William Quinnan, Ph.D.

Starting in August 2017, Timothy Quinnan took office as the President of Richmont Graduate University. Prior to his arrival, Dr. Quinnan held executive leadership roles at a number of prestigious universities where he made profound and enduring contributions to help them attain excellence. Even after many years in the field, his passion for and practicing of transformational leadership in higher education remains strong.

Click here to read Dr. Quinnan’s introduction to the current Annual Review, “Milestones”

Quinnan earned a bachelor’s degree in English Literature from Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. He followed this with a master’s degree in College Student Personnel also from Miami.   After pursuing a pre-doctoral dean’s fellowship at the University of Michigan, he completed his Doctor of Philosophy degree in Higher Education from The Union Institute and University.

As an administrator who believes in the value of scholarship, Dr. Quinnan demonstrated this by publishing two books: Generations Lost (2002), and Adult Students at Risk: Culture Bias in Higher Education (1997). In addition, he has published a host of articles in peer-reviewed academic journals, including Academic Leadership, The Journal of College and Character, and The Chronicle of Higher Education, as well as been invited to write guest editorials in various metropolitan newspapers. With the rise of visual communication modalities, Dr. Quinnan shifted his interests to social media platforms, including the creation of a robust YouTube channel of student-success oriented videos, the first-ever at the University of Texas at Arlington. Perhaps his proudest achievements to date are the two independent films that he solo scripted- The Stranger (2014), and To Die and Live Again (2013). They dramatized the spiritual search for meaning among college-aged students, a lifelong theme in his research.

Along with these creative endeavors, other significant milestones in Dr. Quinnan’s career included an invitation to act as the Director of the internationally-renowned Institute of College Student Values in 2004-05 hosted by Florida State, and the founding an acclaimed  Leadership Summit symposium at San Diego State University in 2009 which is still a major scholarly event today. In the same spirit of invention, he launched a Next Generation Initiatives program to fund new models for student engagement, debuted a cutting-edge Expressions in Leadership conference focused on the creativity in leading, and championed the opening of a brand new Career Development Center at the University of Texas at Arlington.

Attuned to the importance of resource development, Dr. Quinnan is a proven and effective fundraiser. While at San Diego State, he secured gifts of more than $1.1 million in less than three years and during a one-year span at Texas Arlington, received more than $200,000 from corporate donors. Over the course of his career, he has cumulatively raised more than $4.2 million.

Dr. Quinnan is a sought-after speaker and has been a consultant to businesses, educational institutions, and non-profit organizations across the country. His dynamic and highly interactive workshops on values-driven decision making, personal mission and quest, and Spirituality Seminar, are much in demand by students, colleagues, and professionals. Dr. Quinnan views his entire career an unwavering commitment to help others reach their innate potential. He finds affirmation of his impact in the success of those he once mentored and is touched that so many of them—today’s entrepreneurs, physicians, teachers, lawyers, ministers, even television personalities—choose to keep in regular contact with him. Dr. Quinnan sees this as proof that he touched their lives in a lasting way.

Dr. Quinnan also treasures his family life. In his spare hours, he thoroughly enjoys spending time with them. Dr. Quinnan also enjoys fitness activities, travel, Christian philanthropic work, and modestly striving to make the word a little bit better every day.

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