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As an established leader in Christ-centered counseling and ministry education and a university of first choice for top talent, Richmont Graduate University is deeply committed to the integration of Christian theology and spirituality with the theory and practice of mental health for the sake of human flourishing in today’s changing world.

Integration is the term we use at Richmont to refer to how we relate truths we apprehend from Christian theology and spirituality with the theory and practice of clinical mental health counseling and psychology. Our first and deepest commitment is to Christ through our ecumenical Christian heritage and worldview, which compels us to discern truth wherever it may be found.

The Office of Christian Integration exists to facilitate conversation, connection, and critical thinking regarding the ways in which Christian theology, spiritual formation, and clinical mental health coalesce and influence the lives of our students, faculty, staff, and community.


Office of Christian Integration Coordinating Leadership Team

Preston Hill, Ph.D.
Preston Hill, Ph.D.

Director of Doctor of Ministry Program, Assistant Professor, and Co-Chair of Integration

Cara Cochran, PH.D.
Cara Cochran, PH.D.

Dean of the School of Counseling, Professor of Counseling, Co-Chair of Integration

What Faculty Are Doing

Christ and Trauma Event at Wheaton College

Christ and Trauma Symposium Preston Hill and Vincent Bacote

Christ and Trauma Symposium Rachael Denhollander and Tammy Schultz

Christ and Trauma Symposium Jacob Denhollander and Esau McCaulley

Psychology for Theology and Ministry

Blueprint 1543 Podcast Series: Psychology for Theology and Ministry, featuring Dr. Preston Hill

After launching an online class integrating theology and psychology, Blueprint 1543 noticed that students of their TheoPsych classes had some questions our students at Richmont also have around integration. Many of these questions had really practical implications: Can insights from social psychology help us run church meetings better? How do I know if I should see a therapist or talk to my pastor? Is there such a thing as “thriving” amid a severe mental illness?

We’re thankful that our community and others are thinking about things like this, and we hope that these 8 episodes will help prompt more conversation in the church about these important issues. One of the episodes features Dr. Hill addressing trauma, theology, and mental health.

Click Here to Explore the Podcast Series and Download the Workbook

What Faculty Are Reading

Dietrich Bonhoeffer

Life Together

What Students Are Doing


Semesterly Integration Seminar

Spring 2023 Theme: Church Hurt

Dates: February 13, March 14, April 10
All seminars are on Zoom from 12pm-1pm on the occurring date.

Fall 2023

Dates: September 11, October 16, November 13
All seminars are on Zoom from 12pm-1pm on the occurring date.

Annual Integration Symposium

Coming soon

Richmont Integration Podcast

Click to View Podcast Episodes

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