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Master of Arts in Clinical Mental Health Counseling

We Prioritize Student Needs

Our world-class faculty recognize the need for flexibility, allowing you as the student to have a voice in your learning. Navigating the semester together allows you to take greater responsibility for your academic growth and development.


We Lead by Example

Our faculty model the values and character traits that we seek to instill in students, including authenticity, professionalism and enthusiasm.


We Over-Communicate

Whether online or in-person, our faculty regularly communicate with students about course content. We respond to emails and phone calls within 24 hours as a demonstration of courtesy and respect.


We Provide Timely, Substantive Feedback

Counselors in training do not need a grader-in-chief, but a true educator. We provide thoughtful and constructive comments to all student assignments within one week of submission.


We Apply the Integrative Lens

Envisioning the science of psychology and counseling through our Christian worldview is the hallmark of teaching and learning at Richmont, a cornerstone of our counselor training.

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