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Circulation Policies


The Ruth Holt collection consists of more than 11,000 volumes, 33 print periodical subscriptions, approximately 1,800 videos and more than 400 audio titles.

The Poindexter Library collection consists of about 24,000 volumes, 31 print periodical subscriptions, 3,100 videos and more than 24,000 audio titles.

Items in the general collection are available for checkout (books, videos, and audio tapes). However, reference materials, reserve items, and periodicals are for library use only.

Lending Policies


Book Limit: 5 books per person

Checkout Period: 3 weeks

Renewal: Books may be renewed once, if another patron is not waiting for the title. Renewals may be made by phone or in person.

Reserving Books: A book may be reserved or placed on hold for a patron. If the book is checked out or on order, the patron may request that the book be held for him or her. We will notify the patron by phone when the title is ready, and the book will be held for one week, unless additional time is requested before it is returned to the general collection.

Overdue Fines: A grace period of one week is allowed, and then a fine of 10 cents per day will be charged for late books with a maximum fine of $5 per book. Fines on overdue “reserve” items are given below.

Lost/Damaged Books: A replacement fee will be charged for lost or damaged books.

Reserve Items: Professors often place books on “reserve” for students’ use. These books are kept behind the circulation desk. They may be used in the library or checked out during the last hour the library is open and returned the first hour the library is open. Fines will be 50 cents per hour for overdue reserves.


Checkout Period: 1 week

Limited Checkout: 3 videos at one time

Renewal: Videos may be renewed one time, unless another patron has placed a hold on the item.

Reserving Videos: If the video is checked out, the patron may place it on hold or reserve so that when the item is returned, it will be held for that person. We will place the video behind the circulation desk, notify the patron who has reserved it, and hold it for one week before returning it to the shelf.

Overdue Fines: We give you a grace period of two days, then a fine of $1 per day will be charged for an overdue video with a maximum fine of $10 per video.

Lost/Damaged Videos: A replacement fee will be charged for lost or damaged videos.


Checkout Period: 3 weeks

Renewal: The audiotapes may be renewed.

Reserving Audiotapes: If audiotapes are checked out, then the patron can request that the tapes be placed on hold for them when they are returned. Once the tapes are returned, the patron will be notified and the tapes held for one week before they are returned to the shelf.

Overdue Fines: 10 cents per day with a maximum of $5 per tape

Lost/Damaged Audios: A replacement fee will be charged for lost or damaged tapes.

CBI Patrons

To check out materials, please fill out an information card at the circulation desk. The annual fee for library usage is $15.

When fines reach $15, or when the patron owes for lost or damaged materials, the patron will not be allowed to check out materials until the debt is paid.

A copy machine is available, and printers are networked to the computers. Copies and printouts are 5 cents per copy for non-Richmont library patrons.

Circulation Policies