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Dr. Gary Moon and Dr. Preston Hill Contribute New Essays on Clinical Theology with The Martin Institute at Westmont College

“All theology should be clinical theology.” That is the phrase Dallas Willard spoke at a conference back in the early 1990s. And it is the phrase that is inspiring the creation of the clinical theology section of Conversatio Divina.

Dr. Preston Hill published an essay, “Therapeutic Theology: Doctrines that Catalyze Human Flourishing,” making a compelling case that, ultimately, “theology should actively be shaped by lived experience and aimed at experiences of flourishing in sacred friendship.” And he makes the bold claim that Jesus was the first therapeutic theologian.

In another essay, “Two Sides of Psychology’s Normal Curve: Love and Fear,” Dr. Gary Moon takes inspiration from Bono’s autobiography, Surrender: 40 Songs, One Story, and the poet Michael Leunig, to suggest that the primary two human states are love and fear. He then discusses some of the implications of these two “notes”—so divergent that they cannot be played at the same time—to human flourishing.