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95% NCE Pass Rate

Richmont’s Clinical Mental Health Counseling program celebrates a 95% passage rate on the National Counselor Examination in 2023 – significantly exceeding the national average and poising graduates for incredible impact on the mental health field and within their communities.

“Richmont students have once again achieved an outstanding performance on the National Counselor’s Exam (NCE)… 95% of Richmont students who took the NCE in 2023 passed on the first attempt. The national average for 2023 was 81%. The pass rate for Richmont students on this important examination consistently, and significantly exceeds the national average.

The scores on the NCE demonstrate the quality of our program and the incredible investment of our faculty. This demonstrates that the rigor of our academic program leads to success on the road to students achieving their professional goals.”

Dr. Cara Cochran
Dean of the School of Counseling, Richmont Graduate University