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Dr. Kathleen Bazile featured in The Atlanta Journal Constitution

Health and lifestyle journalist, Ebony Williams, recently highlighted an interview with Dr. Kathleen Bazile in an article about the client-therapist match.

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Dr. Steve Bradshaw Announces Retirement; Dr. Cara Cochran Appointed Dean of the School of Counseling

After 45 years in higher education, 18 years of teaching at Richmont, and seven years serving as Dean of the School of Counseling, Dr. Steve Bradshaw will be retiring at the end of this academic year.  “I plan to continue serving Richmont students ​and alumni by teaching some Internship classes and providing supervision for recent graduates in order to obtain licensure,” Bradshaw explains. “So, I am not going away – just changing my role at Richmont. I look forward to continuing to hear of the great things God is doing through Richmont and its students in the upcoming years.”  An opportunity for former and current students and staff to express appreciation to Dr. Bradshaw is currently being planned for the end of the semester.

Dr. Joshua Rice has appointed Dr. Cara Cochran as Dean of the School of Counseling for a two-year term. “With a long history as an administrator in higher education, including serving as our Assistant then Associate Dean over the last 6 years, Dr. Cochran is a standout choice for this vital role,” says Rice.  “She loves students, she is a vitalizer and we have a lot to do.”

“I am thankful to be part of a university community where faith and clinical excellence are part of our identity,” Cochran remarks. “To have the opportunity to lead, and to continue to dream alongside the faculty and students in the role of Dean of the School of Counseling is humbling and very exciting. I look forward to working together to strengthen our degree programs and certificates, and to increase our impact and influence in the realm of counselor education.”

Richmont Partners with Atlanta-Area District Attorney‘s Office on Restorative Justice Project

Cobb County District Attorney Flynn D. Broady, Jr. announces that the District Attorney’s Diversion Program will be the first recipient of Richmont Graduate University’s new Restorative Justice Program. The funding for Richmont’s program was made possible through a $35,000.00 donation provided to establish funding for this vital initiative. The program will allow eligible diversion program applicants, who choose Richmont for counseling services, to receive counseling sessions at reduced rates. Additionally, based on a case-by-case basis, the program would completely cover the fees of those unable to pay the reduced rates.

University President Timothy Quinnan noted: “Richmont strives to facilitate spiritual growth, mental health, and relational healing with our counseling services. We are thankful for the donation which allowed us to start our Restorative Justice Program. There is a redemptive power in counseling. We hope this program will help restore hope and opportunity for the participants. People should not be hindered from the healing they seek due to monetary constraints.”

District Attorney Broady stated, “This commitment from Richmont Graduate University is revolutionary for our diversion program. It will bring equity to many people seeking the benefit of recovery and positive changes in their lives.”

For more information, see the following press release:

Dr. Preston Hill and Dr. Samuel Youngs deliver keynote lectures in Theology and Trauma Public Theology Series

Dr. Preston Hill and Dr. Sam Youngs recently keynoted the Public Theology Lecture Series at The Mission Chattanooga.  Dr. Youngs’ address was entitled, “When Doctrine Hurts: Theology in Light of Trauma,
and focused on the effects of toxic theology.” Dr. Hill’s lecture, “In Search of Healing: Trauma in light of Theology,” focused on movements toward healing in a biblical and theological framework.

The lectures can be downloaded here:

Dr. Samuel J. Youngs: “When Doctrine Hurts: Theology in Light of Trauma.

Dr. Preston Hill: “In Search of Healing: Trauma in Light of Theology.”

Richmont Partners with Sustainable Faith

Richmont Graduate University has established an exciting partnership with Sustainable Faith, a collective of pastors and spiritual directors working to create spiritually healthy cultures among leaders and their communities. The partnership is aligned with Richmont’s School of Ministry, which prepares men and women to fulfill God’s call to transformational ministry. Together, we are set to continue to equip more Christ-like leaders for God’s Kingdom.

The partnership allows Richmont to provide academic credit to Sustainable Faith students. Specifically, Richmont is providing 12 credits of Advanced Standing in our Master of Arts in Spiritual Formation and Direction degree to graduates of the Sustainable Faith program. The relationship between Richmont and Sustainable Faith is especially centered on our innovative cohort model of accredited training in the ministry of Spiritual Direction.

Dr. Joshua Rice, Acting Provost and Dean of the School of Ministry at Richmont states, “We’re very excited to partner with Sustainable Faith. Our shared partnership in the ministry of spiritual direction makes this a natural fit. We expect that this agreement will bear fruit for each institution in the future.”

Students can begin receiving academic credit effective in the fall semester of 2022. Visit the Sustainable Faith at

For more information, please contact Dr. Joshua Rice at

Dr. Doug Rosenau (1947-2022)

Richmont Graduate University extends our sympathies to the family and friends of Dr. Doug Rosenau, who went to be with the Lord early on Palm Sunday, April 10th. Dr. Rosenau began teaching at Richmont (then PSI) in 2002, and his work through the Institute for Sexual Wholeness has equipped thousands of counselors to address God’s design for sexuality and to do so with excellence and compassion. Dr. Rosenau’s investment in the lives of Richmont’s students is a lasting legacy. His kindness and gentle demeanor exemplified Christ, and Richmont is the grateful recipient of his work, and of his compassion for others.

Dr. Rosenau’s full obituary can be found here:
Douglas Rosenau Obituary – Atlanta, GA (

Dr. Preston Hill Delivers Key Note Lecture Series at the St. Benedict Center for Spiritual Formation

The Lectio Series is a semi-annual symposium on spiritual theology hosted by the St Benedict Center in Knoxville, TN. Keynote speakers address varied topics on spiritual formation and the inner life. Dr. Hill’s series was entitled “Encountering Jesus in Darkness.”

The lectures can be accessed here.

Launching this Fall: Doctor of Ministry in Spiritual Formation and Leadership

The Southern Association for Colleges and Schools has officially approved Richmont’s newest degree program and first offering at the doctoral level.  The Doctor of Ministry in Spiritual Formation and Leadership is a 3-year program launching its first cohort this fall.

“Richmont’s Doctor of Ministry program is deeply unique in its combination of practical leadership skills, robust theological application, and in-depth spiritual formation that is integrated throughout the whole curriculum,” comments Dr. Sam Youngs, one of several principal authors of the program. “Church and para-church leaders across many contexts will be empowered to strengthen the impact of their ministries while also growing closer to Christ.”  Dr. Preston Hill highlights the direct connection between the new doctoral degree and institutional mission: “The launch of the new Doctor of Ministry degree signals a monumental step for advancing Richmont’s mission to provide healing, restoration, and transformation in the world today. This level change is a milestone for our University that will pay dividends of positive social change for years to come. I could not be more thrilled for this opportunity!”

For more information and to apply, please visit:

For information on the first cohort retreat, download the Spiritual Formation and Scripture PDF

Cochran and Hill Appointed Co-Chairs of Integration

Richmont Graduate University has appointed Dr. Cara Cochran and Dr. Preston Hill as Co-Chairs of Integration through June of 2022. In this role, they will be leading a process of reviewing integration curriculum and developing resources that highlight the vital intersection of psychology and theology that is at the heart of Richmont’s mission. “I am deeply humbled, overjoyed, and energized to collaborate with Dr. Cochran and all our incredible faculty, staff, and students for advancing Richmont’s legacy of excellence in integrating Christian faith with clinical mental health counseling,” Dr. Hill states. “I truly believe there has never been a more exciting time to reimagine what difference our Christian heritage makes for the theory and practice of mental health and how this can empower a new generation of clinicians today.”

Similarly, Dr. Cochran is focused on the value of collaboration. “I am excited to collaborate with Dr. Hill and the Richmont community, to expand and highlight Richmont’s commitment to the integration of Christian faith with clinical mental health counseling. The heart of both the Christian faith and of mental health counseling includes healing, restoration, and transformation, just as Richmont’s mission states. The integration of faith and practice has always been foundational to Richmont’s identity, and I look forward to more intentional conversations and creative opportunities to equip our students to allow their faith to inform their practice. I am thankful for administration, faculty, and a university community that is committed to excellence in the teaching and practice of integration.”

Dr. Mary Plisco Promoted to Full Professor of Counseling

On Monday, February 14, Dr. Mary Plisco was officially promoted to the rank of Full Professor of Counseling.

“Dr. Plisco’s reputation as a stellar classroom instructor is second to none,” remarks Acting Provost Joshua Rice. “What some may not be aware of, however, is her consistent record of professional presentations which so impressed the Faculty Governance Committee and Administrative Council.” President Quinnan adds, “Dr. Plisco ranks among the finest scholars at the University. Her promotion, unanimously approved, demonstrates the high esteem she is held in by her peers.”

Please join the Administrative Council in congratulating Dr. Plisco on this achievement.